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3D Artist

A 3D Artist at Blue Alpaca Games is a creative visionary who molds virtual worlds with skill and imagination. This role involves generating stunning 3D models, characters, and environments that become the foundation of our immersive gaming experiences. As a 3D Artist, your creations will captivate players and contribute significantly to the distinctive aesthetic and engaging gameplay that sets Blue Alpaca Games apart in the indie scene.

Sound Designer

A Sound Designer at Blue Alpaca Games is a skilled artist who brings our games to life through immersive audio. This role involves composing captivating music and crafting impactful sound effects, ensuring that each game provides a rich auditory experience that complements its visual and narrative elements. As a Sound Designer, your work will play a critical role in enhancing gameplay and furthering our mission to create uniquely engaging indie games.

GAME Developer

A Game Developer at Blue Alpaca Games is a versatile innovator who translates creative ideas into engaging gameplay experiences. This role involves coding, troubleshooting, and crafting game mechanics, ensuring our games are not only visually compelling but also fun to play. As a Game Developer, your technical expertise and imaginative problem-solving will be pivotal in driving the success and unique appeal of our indie games.


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At Blue Alpaca Games, creativity meets independence. Enjoy unparalleled responsibility and the freedom to innovate from the comfort of your own home. Join us, and let's shape the future of indie gaming together.

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